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Starting Prep

Are you unsure ab​out sending your child to school next year?


Do you need an assessment to apply for Early Entry to school next year?


If you answered 'YES' to one of these questions, then read on, this service can assist you.

School Readiness


The decision to send your child to school is an important one and one that you want to get right.  Once your child begins school it is recommended they don'repeat unless special circumstances exist.


The most common reason parents hold back any child is if their birthday is very close to the cut-off (April 30) or when they have a diagnosed developmental delay.


Every childs situation is unique and there are times when parents need extra information before they decide whether to send their child to school.


In our assessment, we look at all the skills a child will need to be successful at school by assessing the following areas;


  • General ability (cognition)

  • Emotional development

  • Maturity level (ability to pay attention, motivation etc.)

  • Self-care skills

  • Language and communication skills

  • Pre-academic skills (number and letter skills and phonological awareness)


The results from the assessment will help you make an informed decision. 

For information about the assessment process click here.


A comprehensive written report is optional and can be discussed at the initial consultation.



Click here.

Giftedness & Early School Entry
(ages 3-5)


Children in Victioria are requried to be five by the 30th of April in the year they start school.  The decision to send your little one to school is a big decision and shouldn't be rushed.  


But what if your child is SMART, GIFTED or ADVANCED in their development and their birthday is after the cut-off date above?  What are your  options?


You can start your child one year earlier. However, to start school early your child must be SMART and MATURE.  An assessment by a child psychologist is required by the Victorian Government using standardised tools to support your applicaiton of Early School Entry.  The Department of Education Victoria has clear guidelines for Early School Entry. Click here to read more about it. 


At the end of the assessment process you will receive a report that you must take to your meeting with the prospective school. Click here to view the assessment process.

Developmental Milestones


Children develop at different rates however they usually follow a common developmental pattern.  if you child has a delay in any area of development then it is wise to provide intervention in order to help your child catch up. 


Developmental areas assessed are;

  • Physical Skills (fine motor and gross motor)

  • Communication & Language use

  • Adaptive skills

  • Social-Emotional Skills

  • Cognitive Skills


Early intervention is the key! 


If you would like to gain insight into your child's developmental profile using standardised tools, a child psychologist can provide these assessments followed by useful and practical recommendation to help your child.  This is a screening assessment. 


Diagnostic assessments are also available if you are concerned your child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Neuro-developmental problem.


To learn about the assessment process click here.


Don't delay. 
Get professional and comprehensive services at
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