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Counselling  for children  

To help children build resilience, improve their social skills or regulate their emotions/behaviour,  a psychologist is qualified to equip children (and often parents) with helpful strategies.  Counselling for children is a relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable experience.  


Please note: this service does not cater for severe complex conditions (eg, complex trauma, eating disorders, family violence and abuse, drug addiction or family court situations). Click below for service that specialise in these areas. 

Eating disorders


Drug addiction

Sexual Assault

Complex Trauma


Some useful information about the counselling process:

  • The first session is usually conducted with the parents. The child may be present depending on their age and the nature of the problem.  After gathering information, a treatment plan with goals is established.  Forms and questionnaires may be given. 

  • The subsequent sessions usually run for 50 minutes with the child.

  • It is a positive experience for children. Selective interactive activities and games are used.

  • At the end of the session parents are invited back into the room for a brief discussion. 

  • Parents are expected to support the process by following through with tasks at home (when provided). This is vital for successful outcomes.

  • Evidence-based strategies are used (this means they have been researched and shown to work). 

  • Sessions are usually weekly over a period of 6 weeks followed by a review to decide about future sessions. 

  • Finally, it is a safe place for children to discuss personal issues without negative consequences (although counselling for children is confidential, there may be times when the psychologist feels it is necessary to share some information with another person with the childs consent).



The initial session and subsequent sessions will cost $198 per 50 minutes.

A 20-30 minute session costs $120. 

Medicare rebates apply to the following referrals;

Mental Health Care Plan -  10 session per calendar year ($93.35 rebate per session)

Helping Children with Autism HCWA - 4 assessment sessions and 20 treatment sessions ($93.35 rebate per session)


TAC - 6 sessions fully covered.

Rebates may also be available from your Private Health Insurance. Contact your provider. 

NB:  Client with MHTP or private paying clients are charged a lower fee than NDIS participants due to having out-of-pocket expenses. NDIS participants are billed according to recommended NDIS rates.



Conditions covered under Medicare:
 Psychotic disorders • Schizophrenia • Bipolar disorder • Phobic disorders • Anxiety disorder Adjustment disorder Depression • Sexual disorders • Conduct disorders • Bereavement disorders • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Eating disorders • Panic disorder • Alcohol use disorders • Drug use disorders • Sleep problems • Attention deficit disorder • Autism/Aspergers • Obsessive compulsive disorder • Co-occurring anxiety and depression
We treat only the conditions in red.
Please Note: Children without a diagnosis can still access Medicare rebates if their doctor believes they are at risk.


Medicare rebates Fact Sheet (Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative)

Autism/Apsergers Medicare rebates fact sheet (Helping children with Autism Initiative)




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