Rebates for Psychology Services



To access Medicare rebates, a valid referral from a Medical doctor (GP, Peadiatrician, or Child Psychiatrist) is necessary. Visit your doctor and discuss your concerns.  Sessions cost $155 per 50 minutes.

  • Mental Health Treatment Plan - 10 session per calendar year - $86 rebate per session.

  • Chronic Disease Management - 5 sessions per calendar year - $56 rebate per session.

  • Helping Children with Autism Package - 20 sessions per life time - $86 rebate per session.


National Disability Insurance Scheme 

For children at risk of developmental delay or children who have a diagnosis of Autism, the NDIS can offer access to Psychology services to support your child.  For more information click below. 

For non NDIS managed clients the fees are as above. If you are managed by NDIS then the rate is determined by NDIS.   



Private Health Insurance

Check with your individual provider under extras (Psychology) to find out about your rebates.

PLEASE NOTE: ASSESSMENTS FOR LEARNING DIFFICULTIES INCLUDING DYSLEXIA ARE NOT COVERED BY MEDICARE.  You may be able to claim some of the cost through your private health fund. Contact them to enquire about your rebates.