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Parent Coaching & Behaviour Management



Sometimes parents need support and strategies to deal with their children's emotions and behaviour.  it is ok to reach out and ask for help. We all struggle at times with parenting so you are not alone.


Parent coaching will provide you with a better understanding of what is driving your child's difficult behaviour and you will also learn ways to cope and better manage them.  When you work closely with a child psychologist and implement all the strategies by following a clear, systematic approach, you will see positive changes over time.  Your relationship with your children is very important!


The consultation process for Parent Coaching involves approximately 6-8 sessions depending on the type of issues we will be tackling together.  Each session will run for 55 minutes.  Home visits are also available and highly recommended, especially at the beginning of the process.


Here are some behaviours we can help with for children aged between 2 and 12 years of age;

  • Temper tantrums

  • Sleeping Problems

  • Sibling Rivalry

  • Non-compliance/following instructions

  • Independence Skills/Organisational Skills

  • Homework Habits

  • Fussy Eating

  • Toilet Training

  • Self-Esteem/Building Confidence


The parenting approach adopted at HYM involves CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Emotion-Coaching, Relaxation Training and Stress Management. 

Ann Magiris is also a trained facilitator in the 1 2 3 Magic and Emotion Coaching program which runs for three sessions.   

Hourly session cost $214.41.  123 Magic and Emotion Coaching sessions run for 75 minutes ($268 per session)



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