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In order to do well in school, a childs intellectual ability level is one predictor of academic success.  To assess this area, the Wechsler Scales such as the WISC-4 or WPPSI-4 are used.  If you need to assess for Intellectual Disability, an adaptive assessment is combined with the WISC-4 as recommended in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic Statistical Manual).  An intellectual assessment is also used for determining a child's ability level, giftedness and learning profile.   An assessment includes a detailed report with recommendations. Cost of cognitive assessment is $630.  

About Intellectual Disability

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A gifted child is unique and requires support to reach their full potential.  Intellectual giftedness is described as having an IQ score above125/130 on a comprehensive standardised test such as the Wechsler test administered by a Psychologist.  Children can be Giftedness in other areas such as music and art. Identifying a gifted child isnt always easy.   Sometimes it is masked by social difficulties, underacheiving and lack of opportunities.  An assessment will answer your questions and provide strategies to support y​our child so they can receive the right educational support at school. An assessment includes a detailed report with recommendations. Cost ranges between $850-$1300.


Is my preschooler gifted?

Characteristics of Giftedness Scale

Giftedness and Learning Difficulties

Executive Functioning

Executive Functions are higher level cognitive functions that allow us to meet challenges and accomplish goals.  These include planning, organising, problem solving, working memory, emotional control, response inhibition (controling impulses), sustaining attention and flexibility (mental).  Poor EFs can be associated with other conditions such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism or it can occur in isolation.  If your child has problems in EFs then he/she will most likely struggle at school.  EFs are very important in all aspects of everyday life especially in academic success.  Get your childs Executive Functioning assessed to learn strategies to cope and improve learning. Cost is $350.


Executive Functions Checklist

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Specific Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia


Often children who have a specific learning difficulty are not identified early​ because they are otherwise intelligent children. A Specific Learning Difficulty means a child has difficulty learning and using academic skills for reading, writing, spelling, or mathematics.  To
understand why this occurs, a comprehensive assessment looking at the underlying cognitive factors that affect learning is required.  Once you know what the problem is, intervention will be tailored to suit your child's needs. An assessment includes a detailed report, a diagnosis (if applicable) with recommendations. Cost of a full assessment is $1300.

An assessment that further looks at measures of attention and executive functioning in addition to the above assessment costs $1500.


Learning Difficulties Checklist

Signs of Dyslexia

Video about Specific Learning Difficulties


Screener for reading/learning difficulties

A brief assessment can measure essential skills necessary for school success.  This assessment is useful for younger children in kinder and prep. It measures essential skills required for reading success such as IQ, phonological processing, memory, vocabulary and phonics. You will find out if your child is at risk of a learning difficulty and what support iis necessary.  A brief report with recommendations is provided. Cost is $390.




Other assessments are also available such as;

Maths Screener and

School Readiness  assessments.  

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