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The Assessment Process

All assessments at Healthy Young Minds follow a similar process.


1. Parent Interview (30 minutes) to gather background information and discuss referral concerns. Diagnostic assessments may require more time depending on the nature of the referral.


2.  Direct Assessment  of your child.

Depending on the assessment and nature of the referral, the time can vary between 1.5 hours to 4 hours.

The assessment will occur over 1 -3 sessions depending on the age of your child and the type of assessment undertaken.


3.  Analysis and report writing (if required).  This can take anywhere betwen 2-6 yours depending on the depth of the assessment.


4. Feedback session with parents (and teachers if required).  Usually the report is posted to parents. If parents prefer a 20 minute face to face feedback, this can be arranged.


All assessments involve a combination of informal assessments (interviews, observations) and formal assessments (standardised tests such as WISC-4 that provide a score to compare similar aged children to your child).


We pride ourselves in providing COMPREHENSIVE and PROFESSIONAL assessments all the time!


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