We offer comprehensive diagnostic assessments for children aged 2+.  With a valid referral from your Pediatrician, you can claim up to four sessions under Medicare.  Depending on your childs age, we can include a cognitive assessment (useful for school age children), and an adaptive assessment such as the VABS or ABAS (to rule in/out Intellectual Disability). 

The cost for a ASD diagnostic assessment varies between $990 - $1200.


In addition we also conduct cognitive assessments for school purposes.

Cognitive assessment with report = $650


We offer services and support for children aged between birth and 6 years of age with a Disability and children with Autism. 


We also provide targeted therapy/counselling for children 6 - 14 years of age who may need help with regulating their behaviour and emotions  and managing anxiety.

Individual therapy sessions cost $155 per 50 minutes. NDIS managed clients will be charged at the allocated NDIS rate at the time of service.

Psychologists can offer evidence-based services to assist with the following areas:


  1. Communication development

  2. Social development and interaction

  3. Repetitive behaviour and/or restricted interests

  4. Sleep problems

  5. Self-Regulation (emotion and behaviour)

  6. Anxiety


We are experienced in the following evidence-based strategies and interventions:


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Programs

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

Social stories

Functional Communication Training (FCT)


In addition we also offer structured therapeutic programs;


Unstuck and On Target! ages 8-14 (executive functioning) 

The Zones of Regulation - ages 8-14 (emotion & behaviour regulation) 

Cool Kids for ASD ages 7-12 (anxiety treatment) 

GROUP PROGRAMS (3-4 kids in a group)

Secret Agent Society (SAS) ages 8-12 (social & emotional skills)  

Lego Club (LEGO-based Therapy) ages 6-12 (social skills)  

Contact us for group prices.


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