We offer comprehensive diagnostic assessments for children aged 2+.  With a valid referral from your Pediatrician, you can claim up to four sessions under Medicare.  Depending on your childs age, we can include a cognitive assessment (useful for school age children), and an adaptive assessment such as the VABS or ABAS (to rule in/out Intellectual Disability). 

The cost for a ASD diagnostic assessment varies between $990 - $1200.


Other assessments offered;

Cognitive assessment (Wechsler tests)

Adaptive assessment (Vineland)

Literacy and Numeracy assessments

Executive functioning skills

Working memory and attention


We offer services and support for children aged between 4-16 years of age with a Disability and an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We provide targeted therapy to build your child's skills. 

We can offer evidence-based strategies to assist with the following skill development:


  1. Communication development

  2. Social development and interaction

  3. Repetitive behaviour and/or restricted interests

  4. Sleep problems

  5. Self-Regulation (emotion and behaviour)

  6. Anxiety


We are experienced in the following strategies:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Programs

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

Functional Communication Training (FCT)


NDIS participants are billed at current NDIS rates. For other rebates, go to our Rebates page.

In addition we also offer Structured Therapeutic Programs;


GROUP PROGRAMS (3-4 children in a group)


  • Lego Club (LEGO-based Therapy) ages 6-12 (social-communication skills)  

Contact us for group prices.


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